Dating back as far as the 13th century, the term tailor evolved into its modern form in the late 18th century, referring to specific hand and machine techniques to construct garments of clothing uniquely fitted to the individual wearing the clothes (and paying for the service).

This rarefied level of service and sartorialism is rooted in tradition and conducted behind the velvet rope of exclusivity. The Melbourne and Sydney branches of menswear emporium Harrolds are providing such a service to their most valued, loyal and certainly most well-heeled clients. Luxury suiting label Brioni's master tailor, Damiano Labricciosa, will be casting his calculating eye and tape measure over these select clients, effectively transforming Harrolds’ already pristine suiting into a custom fit second skin.

It’s more than just measurements; bespoke suiting and tailoring are also about the client’s personality, posture and quality of movement. Muscled superstar athletes, well-fed moguls and high fashion hommes each have a different physiology to tailor to, each and every one of which is taken into account when calculating for a fit that will not only be in perfect line with the client's body, but also with his lifestyle.

Barack Obama, Donald Trump, James Bond (or at least the actors who play him) and John Gotti all get suited up in custom. Sydney’s esteemed few met with the master tailor for one-on-one tailoring appointments yesterday, while Melburnians will have the chance today and tomorrow (May 9 and 10).

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