Mara & Mine is a footwear label by two Australian friends, Tamie Ingham and Jasmine Yarbrough, who are now based in LA. Since launching their first collection of distinctive skeletal slipper flats in 2013, they have a huge following. Now, they’re branching out, introducing three new styles to their collection; clutches, a “smoking” slipper and boots. They have also reworked some of their classic slippers into styles for men and children. “We both enjoy working closely with artists and designers to collaborate on new concepts. We’re excited to reintroduce our collaboration on kid’s shoes with friends from AKID,” says Ingham.

The new Mara & Mine collection of footwear and bags is inspired by a desert landscape, with a contrasting palette of black, white and gold with images of spiders and scorpions. It’s a very Californian aesthetic mixed with textured fabrics such as suedes and leathers. “We wanted it to be very rock’n’roll,” Ingham says. The ankle boots are black leather and are embellished with metal studs and chain links. The clutch bags come in two styles and feature Mara & Mine’s skeletal motifs.

After designing each collection, the pair works closely with their production team in downtown LA, where each style is handcrafted with fabrics and leathers that have been sourced from Italy, Spain and the US.

All Mara & Mine products are handmade and assembled in their factory in Los Angeles. “The process consists of five stages. The first is to create our mood board and inspiration for the new categories. We design and draw and then we create the new moulds alongside our manufacturing team,” Ingham says. “Then we design the hardware, selecting luxurious materials and finishes to complete the shoes. Once this is all complete we finally commence the fit process.” They save the best for last – the label’s slippers are designed to have the perfect fit, moulding to one’s foot to make them the comfiest they can be while still being sturdy enough to be worn out of the house.