It’s said clearing your mind on a daily basis will make you a more centred, high-functioning human. If the creative output of husband-and-wife duo, Arran Russel (formerly of Vanishing Elephant) and Jacqui Lewis is anything to go by, you’d better get meditating.

The couple behind The Broad Place has created a range of products focused on optimising simple, daily experiences inspired by the Vedic concept of High Grade Living. “This philosophy is the focus of our products and we have designed and sourced everything to embody integrity, simplicity and everyday-ness. We don't believe in ‘saving the best for special occasions’. For us, every day is a special occasion,” says Lewis.

The multitasking pair run The Broad Place alongside their creative agency, Folke Army. The carefully curated selection of body oils, tea, ceramics, leather and copper products are designed to enhance daily experiences.

“We have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that we know, visit and understand the ethics behind each of our producers,” says Lewis of The Broad Place’s globally sourced materials. From body oil blends that are constructed by an Ayurvedic aromatherapist in India, to leather that’s hand worked in Australia.

A Japanese aesthetic of balance informs charcoal petri dish plates, perfectly cylindrical copper vessels and buttery, slightly misshapen, hand-sewn leather pouches. Items that would look perfectly at home in a modernist temple. Each product is designed to create equilibrium between the three Ayurvedic mind-body types; Vata (air), Pita (fire) and Kapha (earth), and are to be used to treat their anxiety, anger and depression inducing effects.

The range is now available online or from The Broad Place studio.