When we last checked in on new, offbeat lingerie brand Light Years, they were gorging on cabbage heads and eerily spinning around on mounds of gravel. Not really your standard lingerie shoot.

On a mission to offer something other than sexed-up lace and juvenile rainbow prints, Light Years released their first line of understated, geometrically panelled lingerie in July last year, paired with a bizarre promotional video.

Now Light Years are back with a new, more sophisticated collection – plus a new film that’s even more off-the-wall than the first. Created with Melbourne film collective, The Apiary, the short film features pretty, fragile objects arranged along an industrial conveyor belt. Vases and statues, swishing goldfish bowls and majestic, glass-eyed stuffed birds teeter delicately, only to be cheerfully smashed to the ground moments later.

“The idea is that you don’t have to be so serious,” designer Annika Seidel says of the video, not to mention her label’s greater philosophy. “You can break things down and play with stuff and smash things, and that can be more fun than just being pretty and being there to look at.”

It might be due to Seidel’s creative background in graphic design that has allowed her a fresh perspective in a fashion field that can be surprisingly conservative in its approach.

“I think a lot of standard photo shoots can just end up being a hot girl against a wall, kind of looking pretty but boring,” she says. “I like the films because they kind of tell a story, and can bring extra dimensions and a bit of humour that you can’t so easily do with a still shoot.”

This latest collection features more luxurious touches than the first, with the introduction of matte stretch silk and a coppery, metallic finish on the straps. With the coming winter in mind, the line also features a long-sleeved tee as well as autumnal colours of navy, cream, copper and black.

Despite Light Years’ elegant aesthetic, the last thing Seidel wants to be taken too seriously.

“If you’re trying to seduce someone, you want to be able to have a good time with it and be comfortable and have a laugh,” she offers. “It doesn’t have to be serious all the time.”

Light Years is available at Days Like These in Sydney, and online at lightyears.com.au.

LIGHT YEARS AW 2013 from Light Years on Vimeo.