It’s not often that men get the opportunity to switch up their style with a new accessory without opening themselves up to a minefield of fashion faux pas. So if you’d like to dip your toe into fashion – sans the overt gawking of strangers – fresh shoelaces might just do the trick in adding some personality to your look.

This is the ethos behind new Melbourne laces company Mavericks Laces, the brainchild of local graphic designers Jayden Zernich, Leigh Scholten and Luke Schoknecht. Observing various trends in men’s footwear scene, the lads saw a gap in the local market for quality, colourful laces.

These vibrant laces are a clever way of tying in a subtle hint of colour to your regular attire, as well as lifting your whole outfit by just adding a touch of personality to your shoes.

These babies come in nine different colours including soft pink, fire engine red, canary yellow and lavender purple, and come with a variety of tying techniques to try out. They can be paired with pretty much anything in your shoe wardrobe, from those beloved brogues to your new kicks.

They’re a style experiment you won’t cringe about in a year’s time, so make the jump into the fashion deep end with confidence – feet first of course.

Mavericks Laces are $7.95 each or $20 for a pack of three and are available online at