Finding the perfect swimsuit is difficult. Finding the perfect swimsuit that is both flattering and fashion-forward is almost impossible. The quest for on-trend swimwear in a local market that privileges function over form can be time-consuming. It was this dilemma that led Croatian-born, Sunshine Coast-raised designer Karla Spetic to create a swimwear line to complement her fashion label in 2012.

Contrasting the highest calibre of craftsmanship and material with unabashedly bold and undeniably sexy cuts – this season’s offering, dubbed ‘Ruins’, favours a ’90s-redux crop top with high-cut string-bikini bottoms, or, Spetic’s favourite, a very low-back one-piece.

“I have incorporated swim pieces within my main line since it launched in 2008, and so it was a progression from there. Each summer collection would feature a small selection of swim and I noticed it gained a lot interest,” Spetic tells us. “I also think that we live in a perfect part of the world where swim is such an important part of our lifestyle.”

Themes that dominate her ready-to-wear collections, such as the juxtaposition of femininity with sensuality, and the power of subverted prints, are translated seamlessly to the realm of swimwear. Some of ‘Ruins’ stand-out pieces, such as a simple white one-piece with a come-hither iridescent sheen, are emblazoned with oversized riffs on traditional Egyptian iconography. Contrasted with the collection’s eye-catching colour palette – monochrome is punctuated with pops of emerald green, gold and a truly regal ruby red – the result is a striking swim offering that recalls the sand-flecked sexiness of ‘90s supermodels and retro beach babes.

Designed, printed and made in Australia, KS Swim is a homegrown enterprise. You can try the pieces for yourself as they drop into store and online over the coming weeks. Fashion-forward yet unashamedly sexy swimwear? The search is over.

KS Swim by Karla Spetic is available online at