Artistic collaboration is familiar territory for Sydney-based label Something Else by Natalie Wood. Each season, Wood approaches a new artist to provide the cosmic imagery that signposts the brand. This season, she has shifted the direction of previous collaborations, taking a step away from partnerships with emerging artists to instead embrace the iconic work of Ken Done for the summer 2011 range Submerged.

Submerged mines a 20-year catalogue of Done’s coral reef paintings from 1970 to 1990. Art director George Barnes has visually remixed Done’s archives through repetition and a series of colour and contrast adjustments, concurrently breathing new life into the artist’s historical Australian visions.

The collaboration is harmonious with the label’s environmental ethos, the concept following Wood’s vision of a mythical marine girl and her powers to save the coral reef. The charm of Wood’s concept for Submerged and the success of her previous minimal cuts is synonymous with Done’s art. Indeed, the allure of Done’s work remains in the childlike simplicity of style and content. The collaboration results in a collection of printed textiles that offer accessible and effortless style, an ideal that defines the Something Else philosophy.

Wood and Done’s recycled vision feels just like new – an achievement that really is something else.

The range will be available at David Jones and Incu stores.

They’ve also made this video by Lorin Askill.

Submerged from Something Else on Vimeo.