There are numerous sights synonymous with Copenhagen: the historic Tivoli Gardens amusement park, the multicoloured buildings that run along the canal at Nyhavn, and the Ganni girls, who roam the city in colourful vests, check pants and playful logo tees.

The term “Ganni girls” was coined to describe people who dress in the “responsible”, affordably luxurious Copenhagen fashion brand. In the past couple of years, that community has grown beyond the Danish capital. Until now, it was only available to shop in-store in Australia through fashion retailer Incu – but, last week, Ganni launched its first Australian store in Sydney.

Creative director Ditte Reffstrup, who co-runs the business with husband Nicolaj Reffstrup (the pair took over the business in 2009), is thrilled about what this means for growing the brand’s fleet of Ganni girls.

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“I’ve always felt a special connection to our Australian community, and I’m so humbled by their loyalty,” Ditte tells Broadsheet. “I’m excited to see how Australian Ganni girls will embrace our designs [and] make them their own … it’s about fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment, where people feel welcome and supported.”

It’s hard to miss the new store, in The Galeries, with its gleaming gold exterior and light boxes signalling the entrance. Inside, the brand fosters the same playful experience as in other Ganni stores across the world, with its blend of Scandinavian minimalism and colourful design.

The space feels more like a gallery than a retail shop. It’s decorated with an eclectic mix of retro vases, recycled-plastic plinths, and vintage furniture. The walls – painted baby blue and bubblegum pink – are adorned with a selection of artworks, all by female talents.

One of the pieces, a joyous angel-like character that hangs in the centre of the room, is by Sydney artist and entrepreneur Carla Uriarte, who’s also the co-founder of Cafe Fredas. It was created specifically for the store. A limited-edition range of 100 Ganni T-shirts printed with Uriarte’s artworks is exclusively available in the Sydney store.

Ganni’s latest collection is thoughtfully displayed around the flagship. Find a chunky knit folded on top of a plinth, try on a pair of Chelsea boots from the inverted orange shelf, then complete your look with a signature Bou Bag sitting by the change room.

This pleasing, bespoke shopping experience is exactly what Ditte hoped to create.

“Beyond the clothing, [we want] the store to offer a warm and inviting atmosphere,” she says. “Our team will provide personalised customer service, styling advice, and a shopping experience that embodies the Ganni spirit. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel inspired, welcomed and connected to our brand.”

Shop RG004 The Galeries, 500 George Street
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Mon to Wed 10am–6pm
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