Now Bondi locals won’t have to stray to Paddington to pick up a signature Jac + Jack white linen tee. A new store will open on Gould Street.

Founders Lisa Dempsey and Jacqueline Hunt have lived in Bondi for more than 20 years. “Bondi naturally feels right for our brand,” says Dempsey. “It’s iconic, international, home for us, and the lifestyle is relaxed yet elegant. Bondi is for everybody; it’s not uptight or overly polished.”

Dempsey says they searched for the right location for three years. “It’s a beautiful renovated building, so it’s the quality and size we needed.” She remembers when the site was a Lebanese restaurant 25 years ago, “where you could smoke hookah pipes”. It’s a little different now; George Livissianis has designed the interiors for this fifth Jac + Jack store.

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“It’s beautiful and modern,” says Dempsey. There are no linen curtains like the other stores, rather, “you can walk in there with your shoes off, and kick the sand around”.

Livissianis worked with marble, concrete, brass and shades of grey throughout the space. Dempsey says the 11-metre-long window frontage gets beautiful afternoon sunlight, “so it will be warm and inviting even in winter.” As a brand, Jac + Jack is all about texture and neutral colours. “The store shouldn’t overpower the product. The product sits very well within the store,” says Dempsey. “There’s a nice harmony between what George does and us.”

Jac + Jack
Shop 3, 82–92 Gould Street
(02) 8384 8062

Mon, Tues and Wed 9.30am–6pm
Thurs, Fri and Sat 9.30am–7pm
Sun 10am–6pm