Every morning, Lucette Yusef and her team at The Daily Bunch find the freshest flowers at the markets. After picking the best, they create a bouquet, stand it against a stone-washed wall, take some photographs and upload a picture to their Instagram and Facebook accounts. First, there’s the likes. Then the orders come in.

Since starting The Daily Bunch in November last year, Yusef has been inundated Monday to Friday with orders. Her one-off designs are hand-delivered the same day, by 5pm for office spaces or 7pm for residential.

“I think flowers are best appreciated as they are,” says Yusef. “Our style is pretty simple: just beautiful fresh flowers, simply styled and treated with love, and hand-picked from the market floor the same day they’re delivered.”

Yusef’s bouquets come in three sizes: small, at $35, medium at $55 and a large at $75, for when you’re really trying to impress. The prices include delivery, which currently covers the CBD, the eastern suburbs and much of the inner west.

Some days the bouquets are sold out by midday. Since they’re one-off’s, once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. If you miss out and want to order in advance for next time you can, but no two days feature the same flower arrangements. Yusef says that’s part of the fun.

“You really never know what you’ll find at the markets, so it’s pretty exciting,” she says. “Having one unique design each day keeps it fresh and creative for me.”

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On February 14, one of the biggest flower-selling days of the year, one-off Orchid boxes are available to pre-order for Valentine delivery.

Orders can be made on The Daily Bunch website, where you can also find information on its delivery range, monthly flower subscriptions and larger-event orders.