Somewhere, someone is at a computer admiring our city from above; Scrolling in on Google Earth, thinking of the last time they travelled, and where they’ll travel to next. All over the world, people are packing too much luggage into small suitcases and cutting around the edges of passport photos. Some of them will sit next to us in restaurants near home, admiring all the routine things that we take for granted. Wherever it is that people are going, travelling will make them feel renewed. Or, according to Incu, experience something rather more profound than the day-to-day.

In order to capture this sentiment of travel, Incu have dedicated their second mini magazine to the topic; and nothing could be more romantic. Aside from the film photographs and washed sepia tones, is a collection of interviews with travelers and locals alike, who discuss their own experience with the city they live in, or their destination of choice. Each interview represents a pinch of city culture - personal to the interviewee.

Incu’s second edition (this is the first) is small enough to fit in your back pocket, and is more likely to tell you about Nathan’s Hotdogs in Coney Island, than it is to give you another line to see. The magazine includes a locals guide to New York City, London, Sydney, Paris and Hong Kong insider interviews with most of their stocked designers.

Also included is an interview with Dennis Paphitis, the director of Aesop, and an interview with the clothing brands’ founders. There’s a lot we like in this mini magazine, we’re sure you will too.

Email Incu for a free copy to be sent to you by contacting or alternatively pick one up in store. While you’re at it you can also peruse the Incu’s spring/summer range.