At risk of making a large generalisation, gentlemen are not renowned for their gift-giving prowess. With this in mind, Lucy Glade-Wright and Jo Harris founded Hunting for George to help out. “We’ve got a dude’s section that basically helps men buy presents for women,” says Glade-Wright. “That’s how we first started.”

With sections offering gift suggestions for “good friends you don’t want to kiss” (and, of course, for “good friends you DO’”), the service also provides advice on presents for mothers, mates, sisters and babies. Soon, the online store expanded to feature presents for guys to give themselves, such as shaving equipment, shoe care, cufflinks and scarves. Women aren’t left out, with sleepwear, jumpers, jewellery, bags and purses on offer, too.

The sisters settled on their range after travelling through Europe and South America. “We came across these amazing things that weren’t readily available in Australia,” Glade-Wright says.

Lately, Glade-Wright and Harris have branched out into offering their own Hunting for George-branded items, including things for the bathroom, kitchenware, bed linen, prints and clocks, handmade in Melbourne.

Through customer feedback Glade-Wright believes Hunting for George is better able to offer products people want. But, she still thinks it’s important to have a personal aesthetic. “We’ve always tried to keep a nice mix of up-and-coming brands and established brands. That’s something that has always been important to us,” she says. “But in the end, it’s just going with your gut.”