In winter we close the windows, blast the heater and turn the heat up in the shower. As a result, our skin becomes dehydrated and stripped of its natural moisture, often resulting in scaly legs and dull faces.

Oils are an easy and efficient way to combat winter skin; we take a look at some of the best natural beauty oils coming out of Australia.

For the Face

Grown Alchemist Anti Oxidant Facial Oil ($24.95 for 20ml

Grown Alchemist’s oil is a blend of camellia seed oil and rosehip oil. Rosehip oil is said to be the wunderkind of the skincare world with its potential to reduce scarring and even out skin tone and pigmentation. Although initially sceptical of the rosehip fad, I did notice a change in my face after using this for one week; it appeared brighter and generally healthier.

This oil is both beautiful and clever. It somehow feels less like an oil and more of a moisturiser because you get a lovely sensation spreading this around your face. It’s lightweight and smells of summer flora, probably because of the camellia seed, which seemed to have an immediate calming effect every time I used it.

Use this if: your skin is particularly dry and dull (it really helped).

Vanessa Megan N.E.O Oil ($79.95 for 20ml)

The N.E.O here stands for Nature’s Elixir Oil. The base is argan oil, topped up with pumpkin-seed oil and sea buckthorn, the latter is said to be particularly good for irritated skin due to its high anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is dispensed through a pump meaning the dosage is probably heavier than needed. It is dark golden and quite potent, so I would recommend using this oil as an occasional product, it may be too strong for everyday use.

Use this if: your skin is oily.

Aesop Fabulous Face Oil ($57 for 25ml)

Another good-looking product, this face oil absorbs very quickly and appears to immediately soften the skin. It's lighter than most moisturising creams and the blend of juniper berries and ylang ylang gives it that distinct Aesop scent that is so appealing. The dropper makes it easy to apply and it seemed to keep my skin hydrated and non-irritated whether I applied only a couple of drops or more.

Use this if: your skin is okay most of the time and you’re looking for that one easy product to use daily.

For the Body

Sodashi Vitamin Rich Body Oil ($74 for 100mL

Sodashi is stocked at some of the world's top luxury spas and it’s easy to see why. Massaging this unscented oil into the skin feels amazing – it sinks in quickly leaving no residue and it made my skin instantly appear silken and smooth. This oil claims to have vitamins in spades, so its subtle and unscented fragrance is refreshingly simple. This oil is thick and golden, so a little bit goes a long way.

Use this if: your limbs are feeling stiff and dry.

The Ayu Souq ($90 for 30ml)

Souq is actually a hand-blended perfume oil invented by Sydney-based company The Ayu. The fragrance blend is inspired by traditional Indian healing practices and it smells warm and luxurious with notes of rose, jasmine and sandalwood. Blended with nutritious oils such as jojoba and wheat germ, which may act to nourish and stabilise the skin, this oil feels and smells comforting and soothing. One drop of this oil on each wrist lasts the day.

Use this if: you find perfume nauseating and want a subtle alternative.

10 & Co. 10G Light Hydrating Oil ($34.95 for 100ml)

As the name suggests, this oil wins for hydration. The main ingredients here are coconut, olive and hemp oils – it smells quite strongly of hemp. This oil is thick and really stays on the skin giving it a nice glow. Best applied on dry legs straight out of the shower, though I wouldn't apply it before putting on your good threads.

Use this if: your skin is really, really dry.