Taking a 'tea break' is synonymous with enjoying a recuperating time-out. Natasha Linz has taken the concept from kitchen to bathroom with Temple Bath Teas. “I’ve always loved herbs and as soon as I learnt that you could heal with them, I thought that was the coolest thing in the world,” she says. “I wanted to start a tea business years ago, but it’s so saturated. Then I thought of bath teas.”

Linz is a naturopathy and health science student at Endeavour College of Natural Health. “I study herbal medicine. We’re taught about the constituents of each herb using a combination of historic information and scientific evidence,” she says.

Linz tailored her teas to target commonly suffered, stress-related ailments. The range includes Nourish, Detox, Immunity, Sleep and Soothe. “Herbal baths have been used therapeutically for centuries by all different cultures; they say Cleopatra had milk baths, in Japan they had green tea baths” Linz says. “Your skin is your body’s largest organ. When you immerse yourself in water, your pores open and are receptive to the healing properties.”

Unlike the fizzy bath bombs you may remember from childhood, Temple Bath Teas are made using 100% natural, mostly organic herbs, powders and salts. Packaging is simple, in clear ziplock bags. You can see the lavender, rose petals and coconut in the Nourish blend, while Detox is distinctly green thanks to Australian olive clay, green tea and aloe vera powder. “I love getting hands on with it, mixing the herbs like a little concoction,” says Linz.

Each pack comes with a muslin ‘tea’ bag that you fill with the herb mix and place in the water; it can be used as an exfoliator at the end of your bath. Inside the bag, Linz supplies reaffirming mantras. “Living consciously and holistically is the concept,” she says.

“We race through life, we race through tasks. Having a bath really forces you to reflect and focus on yourself,” Linz says. “I know it sounds so generic, but your body really is a temple.”