Collaborations between friends often yield the most creatively inspiring results. Such is the case with accessories label Henson and menswear aficionado Song For The Mute, having just collaborated on their second jewellery collection for Spring Summer 2012/13.

Based between Melbourne and Sydney, design team Andy Henson and Brent Gold craft jewellery with a metallic and otherworldly feel that speaks of different times, places and cultures. On a similar plane, Song For The Mute’s Lyna Ty and Melvin Tanaya are renowned for their constantly shifting aesthetic, which ebbs and flows between clean tailoring and unstructured forms.

The trio fused their skills last summer for Song For The Mute’s Milieu II collection, enjoying the process so much that they decided to make it an ongoing ritual. “The first collaboration was more experimental and conceptual and was designed specifically for that particular season, whereas this time we wanted to achieve a more timeless, classic look that reflected the clothes in a more linear way,” Henson explains.

The result is an interpretation of one of Song For The Mute’s design trademarks – a subtle over-lock stitch that is present on most of the label’s garments. Blackened silver and vivid burnished brass components look as if they have been sewn together by heavy metallic thread – an aggressive look in line with the sporty undertones of the current Paper Hands range. The collection is unisex and while the rings emanate a more masculine feel, the cuffs and necklaces are more delicate and refined.

The collection is now available in-store at Pieces in Sydney.