For those preparing for an apocalyptic, end of days, Brandon Lee is The Crow kind of summer, you might want to head down to uber boutique and men’s department store Harrolds, to get your hands on Gareth Moody’s Chronicles of Never, for Harrolds special collaborative collection.

The detailing, palette and style that have given the label its extraordinary leg up in the fashion world thus far are all present, so expect long tees, dropped crotch denim and scalloped hemmed singlets. You’ll need to step in-store to see the lengths Moody goes to in finishing his pieces, and to appreciate what a perfection-seeking fashion Mecca like Harrolds can contribute to a label; the apparent simplicity just isn’t what it seems.

For children of the night and those looking to add a little darkness and mystique to their wardrobe, get to Harrolds in Sydney and Melbourne to wrap up in the limited collection while you can.