For most young, ambitious, creative individuals, getting around to self-publishing a book that showcases your many talents is something that would take years. For Chelsea Bagan, the beauty and brains behind the revolutionary Trophy Wife Nail Art studio in Melbourne, and Anna Ross, the colourfully creative face behind design label Kester Black, it took only a matter of weeks to create The Hand Book.

The Hand Book walks you through the steps to create your own nail masterpieces on those little blank canvases on the tips of your fingers. A mutual love for unique colours, an undeniable flair for design and the desire to create a beautiful nail art book catalysed the collaboration between these two nail fanatics. After Ross heard about Bagan’s amazing nail art, she went online and was immediately inspired to ask her on a “sort of blind date” to collaborate on a book together.

The two ladies met through Ross’s line of Kester Black nail polish and after asking Bagan to review her range of tutti-frutti colours, Ross began asking Bagan for advice on which colours to make next. “We get along so well and we are both perfectionists,” says Ross. “It just seemed like a match made in heaven. I supply the paint and Chelsea creates the art!”

The Hand Book will be your nail bible, showcasing 15 of the ladies’ favourite designs with simple step-by-step tutorials that will leave your nails oozing with amazing colours and fantastical designs.

You can pick up a copy for around $29.95 online, through Kester Black and Trophy Wife Nail Art.