Sydney is in the grips of a self-service revolution of sorts. Still lining up for coffee? Cooking your own dinner? Picking out your own clothes? Chances are, you’re using up valuable time.

We’ve done a digital dash around the App Store to present you with a suite of options that ensure that when you’re time poor (or just can’t be stuffed), life can be made that little bit easier. Of course, we offer said tips with the caveat that Broadsheet is all about getting out there and experiencing your city, so try not to fall too hard for your new smartphone additions. There is still something to be said for DIY, people.


Sometimes, you feel like a beverage, but your office doesn’t have a beer fridge. Sometimes, you’re hungry for slow-cooked beef, or chocolate, but you’re in the middle of watching a really great episode of Orange Is The New Black and it’s raining outside. We get you. So do these guys. Watch them save your life.

Friday Beers does what it says on the label – it delivers excellent craft beers right to your office or shared creative space each Friday. With a great selection of brews, it’s the perfect excuse to do absolutely zero work from 3pm and still get paid for it.

It might not come right to your desk, but Sydney Food Trucks are often right around the corner without you knowing it. Keep this app handy, and know exactly when Veggie Patch or Cantina Mobil are in your hood, and get the added pat on the back of having walked a whole five metres to get a tasty burrito.


Cleaning your own place can be incredibly therapeutic. Most of the time, though, it’s the last thing you feel like doing, and finding a reputable cleaner will require a lot of calling around to find one through a friend. Sydney’s now got two localised options that use the gig economy (smartphones and contractors) to get you the best deal at a time that suits you.

Whizz, created by the team behind The Island bar, is all about convenient cleaners who come to you and spiff up the place without you having to leave cash on the dresser. It knows its audience, too – it offers an End of Lease Clean option, which essentially reverses all those 3am red-wine Saturdays you had at your landlord’s expense.

Tidy Me had a significant jumpstart on Whizz, and is more about professional cleaning services. It’s web-based and rewards you for multiple bookings. This is for busy bees who forget to rebook and have no time to find their own cleaner, but as an added bonus, it also has a partnership with an eco-friendly cleaning-product manufacturer, so at least you can feel not so bad about being a little slovenly.


Add up the amount of time you spend per week waiting in line for coffee. You probably could have written the next great Australian novel in that time. At the very least, you’d have more time to read the next great Australian novel.

Hey You (formerly known as Beat The Q) started so long ago that it was a seismic revelation when they told us that we could order coffee ahead of time and swoop in to pick it up at just the right moment. Fast-forward and it has integrated with almost every busy cafe worth going to, so that promise really did come good. It’s a cashless system, too, so no more annoying coins. Other competitors for Hey You – including Skip ( and Txt4Coffee – use nearly the exact same system, so don’t waste your time.


The worst thing about Sydney, aside from its public transport, is the parking situation. Finding the holy grail (an actual parking space in the city), or not having to search for a street spot in Bondi, is a feeling akin to being knighted, and now there are a number of services to help you achieve such a feeling daily.

Parkhound connects people with a spare garage or car-park space with those desperate to put their four wheels somewhere every day, Airbnb style. This is especially useful if you work in dense, inner-city areas such as Surry Hills or the CBD. Big bonus if you live in said areas and don’t need your car spot – free money! Use the code BROADSHEET to get 5 per cent off.


Shopping can be a leisurely experience, but it can also be a chore (especially when raining). These two services appreciate that, and let you order, swap and buy new threads from the safety of your screen, without the wait time that comes from international vendors.

Remoda (formerly Locl) is perhaps the coolest of all the apps we’ve seen; a garage-sale-like app that allows you to sell your own stuff and find other cool threads, with the option to pick them up personally rather than pay for postage. There’s also a lot of new stuff that people may have ordered in the wrong size, for instance, so bargains abound.

Kent + Lime is for the gents. Fill in your style profile (it really works!) and the crew of style mavens will send you a kit filled with new gear from some of Sydney’s best menswear brands. Keep what you like, and then send back the rest in the same box. Genius.


How man times have you signed up to a gym to then neglect your membership after an energetic first month because you get bored? This brand new app let's you pay one membership and use lots of different gyms, so you can try something new every week.

KFit lets members access hundreds of fitness studios, gyms and facilities based on where they are located. You'll never have an excuse to skip exercise again - you can flick through a huge list of classes at different times to find one that's ideal - including Pilates, yoga, boxing, rock climbing and rap jumping (you'll have to try that one to find out what it is). At $69 per month, it's one of the most reasonable gym memberships around.