Take a stroll along the university end of King Street and you might just notice the new Gorman store occupying a grand space in Newtown’s fashion-bathed streetscape.

Opened in June 2012, the new store currently carries the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, with a bold colour palette of mustard, maroon, jade and burnt orange to brighten up the cold winter days and will along the warmer weather.

Sifting through the racks of garments, you’ll find a collection of happy prints inspired by adventurers and their wandering minds. From tribal tepees and bewildering harlequins to fierce but sweet jaguars, all these prints embellish our everyday ensembles with a hint of playfulness.

With a whimsical touch at its core, Gorman has won many a woman’s heart with its quality, comfortable and eco-friendly wares, making it always a pleasure to drop by a Gorman store, even just for a browse.

The all-inclusive nature of the label means that it’s never a challenge to find a little something to complete the missing link in your wardrobe, be it a smart and sassy leather jacket, some cosy knitwear for lounging, or a cute day-to-night dress. Perfect for the mix of fashion tastes that converge on Newtown’s doorstep, Gorman is a welcome addition for any fashion enthusiast.

Gorman, Newtown
163 King Street, Newtown
(02) 9519 6313

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