Like the best dad jokes, Father’s Day is an occasion that you know is coming but still creeps up on you. So, in an attempt to phase out any IOUs and flimsy declarations of appreciation, we’ve flagged the occasion early.

Featuring a range of locally designed or manufactured products, here’s our gift ideas for catering to all types of dads and budgets.

A Paper Saver notebook
A sustainable and practical gift for the environmentally friendly dad, look no further than architect Jon Yong’s Paper Saver notebook. The reusable invention is a smart, synthetic-leather cover encasing a heavy-duty plastic pocket that can hold up to 45 sheets of folded scrap paper otherwise destined for the bin. Clever.

Paper Saver

No, really. They’re practical, smart, and with the right guidance, a luxury compared to the supermarket kind dad buys for himself. Local brand Vanishing Elephant offers socks in a wide range of colourful patterns and prints. A subtle flash of these tie-dyed or zig-zag printed socks is enough to keep dad on-trend at the office for another few EOFY parties.

Homegrown company Wootten has socks by a third-generation Melburnian sock-maker on its shelves, along with some of the finest quality Alpaca Marino-blend sock available. They also come packaged in a handmade leather belt, for that thoughtful touch.

Vanishing Elephant

Made in limited quantities and released only when the timing is right, Bundaberg’s Master Distillers’ Collection carefully blended Small Batch Rum is for the dad who appreciates a special drop. It recently won the Best in Show category at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The MDC collection utilises port, sherry, cognac, and even whisky barrels to develop unusual notes.

Bundaberg Rum Master Distillers’ Collection

A cookbook
Whether your dad does alright in the kitchen or needs a bit of assistance in the kitchen. Huxtaburger’s new, colourful cookbook, The Huxtaburger Cookbook, includes 23 killer burger recipes, as well as a mouth-watering, full-blown breakdown of the anatomy of a burger. (Pop-outs included.)

The team behind Sydney’s Hartsyard and The Gretz has also released a new cookbook, Fried Chicken & Friends: The Hartsyard Family Cookbook, which includes recipes for a triple-floured fried bird and hot sauce, as well as a guide to making your own smoker. Food and a project!

Huxtaburger Cookbook
Fried Chicken Friends

An Apron
No, not those awful novelty items – this one’s for the serious dad. Pair the cookbook with a handmade leather apron from Wootten. Constructed from Italian analine bovine leather with solid brass fixtures and leather strapping, it’s a simple, classic piece that dad will use forever.


A blend of some of Scotland’s rarest whiskies, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the pinnacle spirit of the House of Walker. Created using hand-picked casks to add distinct layers and depth to the spirit, Blue Label is a complex, rich, smooth-yet-smoky Scotch to be enjoyed on the most special of occasions. Yes, like Father’s Day.

Johnnie Walker

Whisky glasses
You wont find a better glass from which dad can enjoy his whisky than those by Denver & Liely (D&L). The Melbourne-based duo, which has a background in furniture, has constructed a whisky glass that’s sleek, aesthetically beautiful and that was specifically designed to enhance the smell and taste of whisky. Note: don’t let him put them in the dishwasher.

Denver and Liely

A record player
Vinyl’s back, you know. Get dad on the bandwagon with a slick new record player. For the serious collector, Melbourne’s Vinyl Revival has a range from entry level to audiophile, while in Sydney try Hi-Fi Trader in Newtown or Record Store in Darlinghurst.

Or for something more unique, Rockit Record Players offers old-school, suitcase-style turntables in a variety of colours, which you can purchase in a bundle with a matching speaker and record case.

Rockit Record Players
Vinyl Revival
Record Store
HiFi Trader

A Netflix subscription
Sometimes the best Father’s Day present is dad time. If that time is taken up with the new season of Orange is the New Black, then so be it.


A proper phone case
Get rid of the chunky, flappy phone case Dad is almost knocking himself out with every time he answers the phone and invest in a Bellroy phone case or pocket for him. Designed to be slim but accommodating for cards, flat bills, keys and even a spare SIM, he’ll still have an all-in-one device, it just wont be a health hazard anymore.


A Work-Shop class
For the dad who’s all about broadening his horizons and unleashing inner awesomeness, book a Work-Shop class. From an introduction to welding, through to harmonica for beginners, these classes are held in Melbourne and Sydney. Plus with his newfound skills he might come around and fix that draught for you.


A Razor
Like socks, this gift seems naff at first glance, but is actually thoughtful as Dad might never invest in a quality version for himself. Aesop have just released an old school double-edge razor with a high-density handle, brass collar and chrome-plated blade head. It comes with ten stainless steel Merkur Solingen blades. To say this particular item of kit is a cut above whatever your dad uses now, is an understatement.