With spring just around the corner, those darlings of the fashion avant-garde, Zambesi, have launched their first range of eyewear with a cool, six-piece collection.

Featuring three pairs of sunglasses and three optical frames, the collection is the result of a collaboration between the New Zealand fashion house and Australian eyewear designer and optician Joshua Matta.

With each piece handmade in Japan using traditional artisan techniques such as the painstakingly slow ‘tumbling’ process – which ensures an extra shiny, long lasting lustre on the frame – the pieces are fitted with organic Japanese compound resin lenses that have been hand-dyed for flawless vision.

Typical of Zambesi, the collection is all about shape and form, their experimental style and irreverence stamped throughout. Never a brand to simply follow the trends, Zambesi have reworked perennial favourites. The classic wayfarer has been updated with their circular-shaped Jetson, while the Space Cadet features a broad square shape with mix-matched lens tints. The Aeronaut is an industrial, lightweight frame that will suit both men and women.

The result of all this is a dynamic debut collection and Zambesi’s signature blur between the sexes is a seamless fit for eyewear. Only one question remains: what took them so long?