The idea for sunglasses brand Pacifico Optical came about when friends Alain Guglielmino and Nick Guzowski, were on holiday in sunny Croatia two years ago.

“When I met up with Nick (in Croatia) I’d just bought a pair I found in a little shop down an alleyway. I’d bought them purely for the frame with the intention of getting my own lenses fitted back at home,” says Guglielmino.

Guglielmino realised it was difficult to find vintage-style eyewear made from premium materials with quality lenses at an affordable price.

After their travels in Europe, the guys returned to Sydney to finish their degrees and simultaneously design and produce their own eyewear range.

Neither Guglielmino or Guzowski have a background in design, but they’re both self-confessed serial sketchers and lovers of classic eyewear, so the process was challenging but achievable.

The range is inspired by their European travels and their lifestyle; surfing and hanging out at Sydney beaches. “We envisioned the designs as being for the girls and guys in our area – cool and fun with each frame kind of matching a type of personality. Your demographic or age doesn’t matter,” says Guglielmino.

The pair also shares a strong passion for vintage cars which became the focal point of Pacifico Optical’s debut summer 2014/2015 range and the subsequent look-book which features a 1964 Porsche 356.

The range includes a classic tortoiseshell option (a timeless blend of the colours of whiskey, chocolate and orange), as well as slate grey and a light champagne. The shapes reference frames that could have been passed down from their parents and grandparents with clean, round curves.

To keep the price down, the range is only sold online. But, there’s no corner cutting here. The frames are crafted from Italian designed Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate, and the hinges and internals of each piece of eyewear are sourced from either Italian or German manufacturers. The lenses are from a premium German manufacturer and come in a range of colours including green, brown, blue and the cool, reflective midnight blue or emerald mirror.