With spring finally upon us and summer on the horizon, Sydney darling Elke Kramer has expanded her newest collection to include scarves, parasols and fans to protect us from the heat of the summer sun .

At once bold and classic, new collection Second Nature is inspired by Kramer’s imaginings of a glamorous botanist, who sits in awe amongst the rare flora she studies, beneath, of course, a parasol.

This parasol is adorned with plant cells, enlarged to resemble flora, coral and other such organic matter. The beach throws and fans wear the same print, which despite its strangeness, has a classic quality that emerges from the reds, pinks, yellows and black silk. These are sophisticated designs with timeless style – it’s almost as if you could have found her beautiful scarf in your mother’s wardrobe and thrown it unthinkingly over a white singlet with denim shorts.

Having launched her idiosyncratic jewellery line in 2004 – born of various material explorations and unusual production techniques – the illustrator and art director has gone even further with this season’s range. Inspired by Ernst Hackel’s microscopic studies of plants, the rings and earrings mirror weirdly wonderful bacteria, while fragile chain bracelets, earrings and necklaces with floral pendants made from customised resin, introduce a lighter Bakelite feel to the summer range.

Second Nature is available online at elkekramer.com and in selected boutiques nationwide.