This week men’s footwear specialist Double Monk is hosting a special trunk show for English shoemaker Edward Green.

If you haven’t heard of Edward Green – it’s time you knew. Based in Northampton, England, the company has been making classically styled shoes by hand since 1890. Past customers include the Duke of Windsor, Ernest Hemingway, Cole Porter and Fred Astaire – so you’re in good company.

“Of all the brands out there, English or other, Edward Green is the most perfect blend of luxury and practicality,” says Double Monk co-owner Chris Schaerf.

The “handmade” stuff isn’t just rhetoric – it takes four months to make each pair and only 250 leave the factory each week.

The label is particularly famous for its round-toed quarter brogue – the archetypal banker’s shoe. Styles such as a Dover split-toe derby and Galway boot are also popular.

Fredrik Blindheim, Edward Green’s head of international sales, is coming out to Australia for two days each in Sydney and Melbourne. He’s also a specialist shoe fitter with a well of knowledge when it comes to the brand’s history, style and manufacturing practices.

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This is your chance to be measured up for a pair of made-to-order shoes, or premium Top Drawer (which involves a great deal of extra handwork and time and usually involves one or two people making the shoe from scratch. Schaerf says the result is “almost a museum piece”).

The team at Double Monk will pour fine whiskies on all trunk-show days and throw in free shoe trees (to maintain your shoes’ proper shape), which are worth more than $200.

Edward Green will be in-store at Double Monk Sydney on October 4 and 5, and then in Melbourne October 7 and 8.

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