There are only a handful of situations where it’s cool for someone to ask me a lot of personal questions about what I’m wearing. Kent & Lime, the men’s clothing start-up is working hard to add itself to that list. It has noble intentions; to save busy men working long hours the effort of department-store shopping, or having to browse for ages through online stores just to find a damn denim shirt. Its pitch is, they’ll send me a box full of swag and I only keep the stuff I like. And they can determine this using a 10-minute online style profile, which brings us back to those questions.

“We know more about our customer before he buys than any retailer knows after he bought something,” says co-founder Will Rogers, who cut his teeth working in menswear buying at ASOS. “You’re trying on these clothes at home, which have been hand-selected for you, not having it shipped from a warehouse in the UK by someone who doesn’t even know your name.”

Kent & Lime has been around for about a year, but has recently built a Style Lab into its offering, which allows Sydney men to come to its warehouse near Central Station and get personally decked out by one of its experts. It complements the Style Advisor who calls you once your survey is done before your first box arrives.

“Guys really do know what they like, but can they be bothered? No. Do they have the time? No,” says Rogers. “It’s all about fit and it rarely has anything to do with brand. It’s all about the ‘oh yeah’ shoulder shrug, like, ‘this fits really well.’” Stocking brands such as Academy, Nudie and Deus, Kent & Lime is so certain it will ease your shopping woes and deliver that happy shoulder-shrug feeling that it will let you send back anything you don’t like from the box for next to nothing.

Now, what are you wearing?