Reflective metals sits alongside marble-inspired hues in the latest Dinosaur Designs collection, STONE. The collection continues Dinosaur Designs’ foray into nature for inspiration, echoing themes from previous collections Earth, Ocean and Safari.

STONE reflects the textures of minerals and metals, toning down the company’s signature bold, colourful palate for more subtle hues. Creative directors Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy have continued to experiment with colour, shapes and materials, though. Ink-dappled resin necklaces in key shapes from previous collections add to a collection of jewellery that is both delicate and bold. The signature resin salad bowls and vases shine in reflective metallic materials, as well as translucent marble hues, accented with charcoal streaks and veins.

The collection designed in collaboration with Toni Maticevski and debuted at his SS15 show at Fashion Week this year has also been released. It contains brass and copper cuffs lined with clusters of translucent pink and grey resin spheres. A single earring of two pale-grey resin beads at either end of a brass rod is particularly striking.

These pieces are available online and in store now – for your wrist or coffee table.