It’s 8am on Friday morning. I’ve got a late start this morning. I slept in, I kept pressing snooze, but am about to head in to the Staple show before Elle later on.

Yesterday (Thursday) was an early start for Blessed Are The Meek down at Carriageworks. It was a really cool set-up, they had an art installation and backdrop images of storm clouds rolling through. It was really moody with the music, but still upbeat. Clothes were little shorts and crop tops, make-up was sparkly with big black eyebrows halfway up our foreheads, hair was a tight ponytail.

After the show in the morning I had a fitting for Elle. Then we had the Shakuhachi show in the evening. We were all styled like ice queens, with sparkles and white eyes and wet, slicked-down hair. I really like these clothes and Meg Gray was styling, it was cool and space cadet-like, with big round glasses and silver metallic pieces, short cropped clothes and little dresses. It was really cool and the soundtrack to the show was Grimes, in fact the whole show was a little Grimes in style, with silver metallics and little block platform shoes.

After the show I went to Frankie’s for a pizza and a drink with some friends. Everyone was really tired yesterday, it’s coming to the end of the week and we’re just getting through it now. One day to go!

Everyone’s pretty happy it’s Friday now. We’ll all perk back up today ’cos it’s the end.

So today (Friday) I’ve got Staple the Label up this morning, then Elle tonight. The call time is 1pm for Elle though, and show isn’t til 7pm, so there’ll be lots of waiting around. During long call times like this we just hang out and chat with the other girls, we listen to music and read, but mostly just talk. Sometimes they cater, but mostly you have to bring your own snacks so you don’t get hungry.

Elle is a fairly big show ’cos it’s the launch of the mag in Australia and there will be a few parties tonight. I’ll head out for a well-deserved drink.

I think Romance Was Born has been my favourite show (on Monday night). It was just such a cool set-up and concept that no one had seen before and it was lots of fun backstage. Sydney Fashion Week is much more relaxed and fun than some of the other international ones. Everyone is friends back here, so when I’m back there’s a great vibe, everyone is excited and the fashion is quite different. It’s a different scale on many levels, overseas is big and intense and cut-throat. Australian Fashion Week feels more like you are having fun than serious work, in good way. And you get to hang out with friends all week.

After MBFWA, I’m off to LA in a week, and then to NYC. I’m sort of living between Sydney and NYC at the moment.