By day, Alyce Tran and Tania Liu draft contracts at law firms on opposite sides of the country. By night, they hand press metallic initials on to leather clutches, wallets and notebooks.

“I’ve learnt to live off very little sleep,” Tran says. “And lots of coffee.” The pair started the label, called Edited, as a passion project and as a creative outlet. “We both work full time as lawyers, and it’s not the most creative industry,” says Tran. “It’s so nice to be able to work on something that is so visual. You can touch and feel it. It’s not a contract.”

Tran is based in Sydney and Liu is in Perth. They met working for the same firm. “We both live the professional life and love high-end fashion, but obviously limitations mean we can’t afford everything we want.” They spotted the opportunity to create beautiful products at accessible price points, aimed at people just like them.

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The Edited Leather range consists of simple clutches and pouches in versatile shapes, available in a few different colours. The real point of difference, though, is that you can have your initials embossed for free. “We don’t actually put any branding on it. Each item is really your own,” says Tran. Monogramming is available in gold or silver and hand pressed here in Sydney. “If you buy something, it doesn’t say ‘Edited’ on it anywhere, aside from the packaging.”

The online shop, The Daily Edited, also stocks a range of stationery that adds some beauty to office life. “You sit at a desk all day, you may as well have a nice diary or nice stationery to write in,” says Tran. “If you’re going to a boring meeting, it’s a lot better if you have a nice floral notebook to write in.”

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