Australian sleepwear label GINIA has recently launched a sister label – GINIA RTW. It’s a line of ready-to-wear silk basics. Silk, button-up shirts; shorts, slip dresses and pants in seasonal colours can now be customised with a range of summer-inspired patch appliques that can be added via the online store.

The range of appliques will rotate with each collection, inspired by the season. “For this summer we’ve chosen vegetables like eggplants and tomatoes that are indicative of long lunches during hot Italian summers,” says national sales manager Emily Hewitt. There are also bees, stars, hornets and a series of romantic flowers. Using a drag-and-drop website tool, customers can choose up to four appliques and position them directly onto the garment. The customisation process takes two weeks and appliques start at $30.

GINIA designs the appliques in house and the embroidered patches are made locally by a family-run business in Sydney. “When we receive the appliques, the final process is completed in our facility in Melbourne where we apply the applique by hand pressing it onto the garment,” says Hewitt. GINIA RTW is currently developing a blended-silk and linen capsule range that will launch in early 2017. The brand also has a collection of mix-and-match bridal garments in the works.