Lovers of fashion, art and admirers of beautiful things alike will know that The Corner Shop occupies the Pitt Street side of The Strand Arcade's first floor. If it's not quite literally the corner it claims to be, The Corner Shop is infinitely more than just a shop. From last week until the February 14 (Valentine’s Day), The Corner Shop accentuates its gallery side once more, hosting Hugo Muecke, Greta Edmuson and Kate Davis's intimate explorations of LOVE.

Love is a tricky sort of business to celebrate. Privately experienced, but often – quite necessarily, in our world – publicly memorialised, more for the sake of others than those in the actual love. It's even trickier that there's a ‘day’ for it. Indeed, for some, it's an occasion even more dreaded than say, Christmas Day with the extended family or a sober St Patrick's Day at an Irish pub.

But across the artworks that adorn The Corner Shop's fashionably hallowed nooks, love at its most basic is, first and foremost, a feeling. Chaotic, warm, intimate and abstract, the artists explore love with all the beauty such a concept deserves. The artworks are surrounded by the equally artful curation of the clothes and objects of The Corner Shop, festively arranged with love-themed installations, blooming with the colour red and with roses.

Go celebrate love at The Corner Shop. Even if you're the Valentine’s Scrooge type, we guarantee you'll be spoiled for choice as to who you can take home with you… Wang? Theyskens? Marant? Kane?

The Corner Shop celebrates LOVE until February 14.