When you think Australiana, what comes to mind? The kitsch prints of the ‘80s? Cartoon koalas plastered across aprons and tea towels? Julie White’s new collection revives Australiana without making you cringe. The brand – synonymous with colourful, hand-drawn prints – has released a new collection, Straya Nights.

“It is my modern, fun take on Australiana, which often gets a bad wrap from the ‘80s,” says White. Straya Nights explores Australiana after dark, and is inspired by Australia’s nocturnal wilderness. The collection is decorated with drawings of geckoes and snakes from the desert, and urchins and molluscs from the Great Barrier Reef.

White says she found her love for Australiana while studying overseas. “I really fell in love with it when I was studying at the Glasgow School of Art, and I became really homesick for the Australian wilderness.” For the collection, White has applied her signature hand-drawn prints to a range of socks and silk scarves.

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Straya Nights continues on from her previous collection, Straya Days. “My aesthetic is quite happy and colourful and playful, and I really wanted to add a darker palette to my ongoing range, which is how I came up with Straya Nights.”

Straya Nights is available online at juliewhite.com.au.