The patchwork of garments that make up the collection of vintage gems on new online store Tomboy have spent time on many a tanned arm, hanging out car windows mid road-trip, or strewn next to a beach towel half buried in the sand.

Creator of the store, Maggie Beatrice is a travelling photographer, always on the road. She picked up these sartorial treasures – including softly worn denim pieces, striped cotton sundresses and printed rompers – on her journeys through the thrift stores of Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay and everything in between. She thought, “Rather than just hoard them I’d turn it into a bit of a project and sell them on,” and Tomboy was born, filling, “A gap in the market for adventure-loving lasses who are after unique, quirky clothing which is still comfortable and doesn’t cost the Earth.”

The store is still in its early days, but there is plenty in the works. “I’m hoping to expand a fair bit,” says Beatrice, who plans to add local handcrafted goods to Tomboy’s repertoire. She is also working on a label with her partner Julian Kelly, which will be launched on the site. The couple has spent the last few years in Melbourne and believe themselves to have a Melbourne-style ethos. “We’re pretty keen on doing small run of locally produced and handcrafted items and then move into our own label,” explains Beatrice. This charming selection is a promising start, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Tomboy is also offering 20 per cent off to Broadsheet readers using the coupon code lovetomboy.