Colourphobes beware! We warn of French-themed store Dagmar Rousset. Its instantly eye-catching window display should be enough repel your advance: a handpicked collection of exuberantly coloured or striped knitted garments from New York-based label ALL Knitwear, which are all 100 per cent wool and of exceptional quality.

This cute boutique on Melbourne’s Gertrude Street strip may be miles away from here, but it is the perfect home for the unique ALL Knitewear collection, which is luckily available online for us Sydney folk. Julia Pound, the woman behind Dagmar Rousset alter-ego and boutique, has been stocking Annie Larson’s ALL Knitwear label in store since her first day of trading in her colourful store, which is a home fro for women’s fashion, accessories and French classes. So it was only a matter of time before the talented ladies joined forces to combine their love for brilliantly bizarre designs.

US-based Larson granted Pound permission to be the very first international stockist of her designs. After a few months, Pound had the idea of launching a range that would reflect both Dagmar and ALL, an idea that Larson embraced wholeheartedly.

The collection is the outcome of a myriad of email communication and revision, as is expected when collaborating with someone on the other side of the planet. All the pieces in the range feature the sweet ‘bye-bye’ hand motif, finished with carefully thought out collar, sleeve and cuff colour combinations. The range includes a dress, jumper and skirt, and is available for us from Dagmar Rousset’s online store.

This limited range is an endangered species and it won’t be long before it is extinct.