The indomitable Jenny Kee has lived a colourful and dynamic life to date. The Bondi native has been steeped in creative juices since just about forever. Having started out as a successful commercial model whilst attending East Sydney Tech to study fashion design, Kee then hopped across the pond to London after graduation and began selling vintage couture.

She opened her first boutique in 1972, whilst also finding her greatest collaborator in Linda Jackson. The pair went onto create the wool jumpers that she eventually became so well known for, along with her signature red lips to match her trademark red waratah flower.

This waratah is the basis of Jenny Kee's richly expressive new collection of scarves. Based upon her paintings of Australian flora, her work has been digitally printed upon large silk squares, wraps embellished with crochet and narrow strip varieties of scarf, all endowed with that true red that is so synonymous with the artist’s signature. And with every piece that gets taken home, so too does a little piece of Jenny Kee's utterly Australian and utterly delightful energy.

Find Jenny Kee's scarf collection in-store now at Pretty Dog in Newtown.