Fancy a box of flowers delivered to your home or office on a regular basis? Melissa Whidjaya and Philomena Kwok are in the business of making it happen. The high-school friends are behind BLOOMBOX CO, a subscription to weekly, fortnightly or monthly flower deliveries, designed to let you indulge and and experiment with your flower buying.

Whidjaya, who works in marketing in Sydney’s tech scene, and Kwok, who runs a high-end millinery label alongside a career in finance, began their flower revolution last spring. The pair found a common love in uncharacteristic flowers. “It was the culmination of years of ideas, internet addiction and a serious lust to build a business we both loved,” says Kwok.

With a blossoming Pinterest board and the desire to shake up the floral industry, the pair began creating and styling blooms into boxes for experimentation. Their days start at the markets at around 4am, scouring for seasonal flowers and unusual picks for the day’s inspiration or theme. Add customer service, brand collaborations and a lot of coffee to the mix, and it’s a typical day at work for the team. Their aim is to harness the novelty of receiving flowers with the flexibility to use them in everyday situations. “We want you to feel free to throw flowers on your plates for a dinner party, twist them into a flower crown, or scatter petals in your bathtub,” says Whidjaya.

Deliveries will set you back $42 a week, $44 a fortnight or $46 a month; you can change your frequency at any time. Place an order for a one-off delivery to get yours, or give to someone else, before you get hooked long term. Blooms are delivered all over Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and deliveries come with examples of how to arrange the box full of feature flowers, two or three filler varieties and foliage. All orders are made through the website, where you will also find video tutorials, interviews and a library of flower facts, styling and care advice.