For most people, their bed is their refuge. After a tiring day, curling up on clean sheets is a cue to switch off. That becomes difficult when your job is to design bed linen. “I was joking the other day about how I actually sleep in my work,” laughs Gemma Leslie, owner of the newly launched Melbourne label, Scottie Store. A graphic designer by trade, Leslie’s side venture gives a whole new meaning to moonlighting.

Interested in all aspects of design from a young age, when Leslie moved into her own place she was particularly excited to choose homewares, artworks and furniture to fill it. “I’m designing for my apartment and what would look best in there. It’s the place I love most,” says Leslie. “It’s sort of a mid-century apartment, so I figure whatever looks good in there must be a classic design.” The duvet cover, sheet and pillowcase designs are simple and timeless, with bright hues as the focus. “I’m obsessed with colour,” says Leslie. “Matching them all up took me longer than you’d think.” All Scottie Store sheets are made with 100 per cent French flax linen. Grown and woven in France from the sustainable flax plant, the fabric is recyclable and biodegradable.

Contrary to the belief that the quality of a sheet can be determined solely by its thread count, flax linen has a very low count due to the thickness of the fibres. This gives the fabric its distinctive loose weave, making it far more breathable and durable than finer cottons. It also means the fabric becomes softer and more comfortable the more you wash it. “I wanted to create things that would last forever and become old favourites,” says Leslie. Is it bed time yet?

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