The Pastels are a trio of make-up fanatics from Sydney. These 19 year olds run the popular YouTube channel of the same name, where they share everything from their skincare routines, to how to create a more universal nude lip for their fellow women of colour who can’t find a way in to, let alone navigate, the world of beauty advice.

The three women are from diverse backgrounds (Chanel is from the Philippines, Anabelle's from Ghana, West Africa and Clara is East Timorese). They set out to create tutorials that are practical but engaging. Self-described as having a “fun, youthful and experimental approach to make-up”, it’s no surprise, given their real-world, natural approach, that the girls have amassed a loyal following on both their channel and social media.

“I find putting on make-up very therapeutic,” says Clara. “It’s a part of my day when I really focus on myself.” Anabelle agrees. “I love following a routine and watching myself transform.” Chanel takes a more experimental approach to make-up application. “If I want to be a teen idol from the 1980s, or a sun-kissed college girl laying on the grass in the 1970s, I can do so through make-up and clothing,” she says.

“I want our videos to be uplifting and a joy to watch,” says Anabelle. “I love passing on little tips and tricks that I’ve learnt to our viewers. It’s all about helping each other out.”

With the recent introduction of online make-up stores, even The Pastels find themselves overwhelmed by the options sometimes. “It makes impulse purchasing easier,” says Clara. “New releases can be overwhelming because you can’t physically swatch them.” Chanel agrees, “If I’m looking for a new make-up to try, [online stores] scare me because I’m not sure if the shade is what I think it is.” “It excites me!” says Anabelle. “There are brands that aren’t easily accessible in Australian stores. Online shopping offers more variety so it’s an efficient way to find everything you need.”

The Pastels recommend buying make-up here:
Mecca Maxima
Myer (online store for Korean beauty)

Update on February 5: The surnames of the subjects have been removed at their request.