That elegant, jacaranda-strewn curve where Glenmore road meets Oxford Street in Paddington has fast become one of Sydney’s must-visit shopping addresses. Ellery, Alice McCall and Scanlan Theodore all inhabit boutiques along this strip, and are now joined by a new tenant; cult-favourite Melbourne-based label, búl. Known for their fluid, relaxed silhouettes in natural fibres and classic prints, búl could not be better suited to Paddington’s fashion-forward yet supremely laid-back sense of style.

“It’s great to finally have a presence in Sydney,” says búl’s designer Virginia Martin. “We really feel at home here in Sydney, it’s a great place. I just love that you can go from the crisp streets of Paddington and head only 40 mins north and hit the amazing northern beaches of Sydney. It really is how I create my designs, to be worn inner city but still have a place down by the ocean with your feet in the sand.”

This sense of duality is carried throughout the design of búl’s boutiques, both in Melbourne (CBD and Fitzroy) and here in Paddington. Interior architect Michael Macleod, who collaborated with the brand on their other stores, worked with Martin and a small team to create custom fittings and an original atmosphere that combines the calmness of the beachside lifestyle with the ease of Modernist design. The end result – all limestone-tiled walls, raw steel shelving and washed concrete floors – has a harmonious synergy that complements both the simplicity of búl’s designs and the feel of the neighbourhood.

“They all feature an element of the ocean,” Martin says of búl’s stores. “From the driftwood, sandstone and soft palette, they all evoke that feeling of being by the beach but still a strong sense of style.”

Next in Martin’s sights is a pop-up shop in Adelaide, and of course designing the new collection, which draws inspiration from Japan. But for now, Martin is enjoying her newfound Sydney roots. “The area itself is beautiful, the streets, the buildings and the atmosphere. It is just visually evocative,” she says, adding, “you can’t help but love to be there.”

Shop 6, 2-16 Glenmore Road, Paddington
(02) 8021 5432

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