Hendry announced on her Instagram yesterday that she would soon be launching this year’s project Copyright Infringement – in which she drops free boxes of T-shirts around cities for punters to find, treasure-hunt style. This year’s series of tees features the neon artworks of English artist Tracey Emin, with the words on the signs slightly tweaked. (Think “I made you love me” in place of Emin’s “You made me love you”.)

This morning, on her Instagram stories, she posted, “Sydney, are you ready?”

Now, she’s started dropping hints on her Instagram stories as to the location of these treasures. There’ll be 50 boxes with two tees in each box. With so many followers, you’ll need to be quick to snare one.

Hendry began the Copyright Infringement series in 2018 after receiving a copyright-infringement notice from the estate of Muhammad Ali. She’d been planning on selling a set of T-shirts with her drawings of Andy Warhol’s scrunched-up polaroids of Ali, Mick Jagger and others, but decided to give them away for free when Ali’s estate objected. She scattered them around New York and posted clues on her Instagram account as to where the boxes might be. Some boxes were picked up within 30 seconds. Last year’s series featured the tweaked works of cult American artist Richard Prince.

Following Sydney, Hendry plans on dropping boxes around another four cities over the coming weeks.