The Strand Arcade is one of the most accessible galleries for fashion-inclined artwork in Sydney. The latest exhibition to accompany your Strand Arcade experience is a not-for-profit initiative called Artisans of Fashion.

A garment and photographic display, Artisans of Fashion explores the traditional artisanal communities of India and celebrates the technique, quality and craftsmanship in the region.

The aim of the exhibition is to open eyes and raise awareness about the traditional skills and processes that go into making the clothes and the labels we admire, so we can better appreciate the expertise and more importantly, the people and communities, behind some of Australian fashion's most intricate designs.

With a view to nurturing opportunities for craft communities in India to better build relationships and income via leading Australian designers, Artisans of Fashion will be showcasing the embellishment, beading and embroidery skills these traditional craftspeople employ, not to mention some of their most beautiful creations for labels (with Alex Perry, Akira Isogawa, Manning Cartell and Ms Couture all with pieces on show).

Photographs from a trio of brilliant Australian photographers – Robyn Beeche, Georges Antoni and James Pipino, alongside filmmaker Lorin Askil – will also be on display, depicting a trip to India to shoot major Australian model Louise van der Vorst as a vehicle for demonstrating the dynamic relationship between designer and artisan, and the beautiful clothes that result.

Artisans of Fashion opens August 15 at The Strand Arcade and runs until September 30.

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