I’m at the recently opened Adilla Barbers in Double Bay and I’m reclining in the most comfortable barber’s chair I’ve ever sat in. In my hand I’m swirling a glass of Irish whiskey and Jake Putan (the head barber) is gently rubbing a caffeine-infused exfoliant over my face.

“You’ll feel amazing after this,” he says, now massaging a balm into my forehead.

“We're trying to blend traditional barbering with the concept of the ‘modern man’ – someone who likes to look after themselves physically and mentally, and always wants to be well groomed,” says co-director Frankie Endersbee.

“Our aim is to be more than just a place to get your grooming done,” says co-director Rhiannon Dimaria. “It really is a place to talk, relax and unwind in a genuinely friendly atmosphere.”

Adilla offers all the customary barbering services, from haircuts, beard trims and hot-towel shaves, to facials. The full one-and-a-half-hour Deluxe Service, using V76 by Vaughn products, comes in at $125.

“We differ from other barbers by offering a place where men can sit down in comfort with a maximum of three other clients in the space. Being able to enjoy a complimentary beer or whisky allows the client to relax and unwind,” says Dimaria.

The Adilla space, designed by BE Architects, avoids classic barbershop tropes. It has spotted-gum finishes, copper piping, exposed brick, and soft suede and tan barber chairs.

“The modern man is generally extremely busy and doesn’t often get a chance to just sit down and chat about non-work-related things. And a facial can be a very refreshing way to begin the day or recover from a long day at work.”

For weddings, Adilla offers a tailored package for grooms and their groomsmen that gives the party exclusive use of the space; it includes drinks, haircuts, shaves and facials as well as control over the shop’s music.

My beard now neatly trimmed, neck flawlessly shaved and face judiciously exfoliated, Putan slowly returns my chair to the upright position. My face has been, for now at least, rescued from its usual lost-in-the-bush look as I step out into Double Bay feeling like a million dollars.

Adilla Barbers
Shop 3, 12 Cross Street, Double Bay
(02) 9363 9239

Tue to Fri 9am–7pm
Sat 9am–4pm