For more than a decade, Alexa Chung’s personal style has landed her numerous collaborations with global fashion houses such as Tommy Hilfiger, Superga, Madewell and AG Jeans. It has also earned her 317,228 followers on social media and the cult status that comes with that. Creating her own fashion line was a natural progression.

“I just really like making clothes and dreaming up new outfits,” says Chung in an official statement. “Although it’s a risk, I was too curious not to try to do this – to make my dream a reality.” One thing she was adamant about, though, is she didn’t want it to be obvious.

But Alexachung the label is so quintessentially Chung that to call it anything else would have been foolish. Inspired by her personal heroes – Jane Birkin, Brian Jones, David Bowie and artist David Hockney – the debut collection is vibrant, witty and eclectic while walking the line between function and form.

“Anyone who is authentic and true to themselves, and original in being so bold as to follow their heart, I find inspiring because it reminds me to pay attention to instinct and expression,” says Chung in her statement.

A pink-and-red-striped candy-looking Bowie-meets-Beetlejuice pantsuit sits alongside tongue-in-cheek graphic tees and a George Harrison sweatshirt. A multicoloured, matching crochet top and skirt hold their own beside denim and tailored shirts. A floor-length, sequined dress and silver platforms scream disco, while a denim zip-fronted corset and a cheongsam add ’90s flair to the collection. Chung has distilled herself, her icons and her infallible style into every single piece of the 145 ready-to-wear collection.

It’s now stocked at Bondi’s Tuchuzy store, the only Australian retailer to sell the brand so far.

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“They were really tight with their distributions. They didn’t want too many stores having it and flooding the market, so they hand-picked their stockists,” says Tuchuzy’s operations manager, Stuart Sullivan.

“Alexachung just works. She’s an icon. Everything that she does embodies our brand. She’s contemporary, casual, cool.”

The brand is flying off the shelves at the Bondi institution. Graphic tees, jumpers and shoes have been the most popular so far, with some sizes already sold out.

“The overall response to the line has been really, really good. Everyone’s buying into the T-shirts and sweaters. They’re casual and easy but still have that branding attached to it that people feel really empowered and luxurious in,” says Sullivan.

More Alexachung stock is slated to arrive at Tuchuzy in the next few weeks.