A-esque, launched in 2012, is the new venture by former Mimco founder and creator, Amanda Briskin-Rettig. Unlike her former large-scale operation, A-esque focuses on the handmade process and quiet luxury of simple, useful bags and leather accessories. The bags bear minimal branding and run in limited quantities. All are handmade in Italian leather in its Melbourne workshop. “What is immediately arresting about the bags is their craftsmanship, I wanted this to be the focus instead of a name or the label on the front of it,” says Briskin-Rettig.

The new A-esque Sydney store is on the ground floor of The Strand Arcade where handbags sit on plinths of solid oak, cork and stone, and adorn the walls alongside colourful artworks. Much like the bags themselves, the store is sleek and serious in earthy tones with hints of colour and round applique eyes playfully poking out of corners – an icon the brand has become well known for.

Besides its heritage and natural charm, The Strand was chosen for the A-esque store for its community of like-minded brands (Dinosaur Designs, Dion Lee, Lover that have a similar dedication to their craft.

The retail space has been fitted with hand-carved timbers and locally sourced steel beams. “It was important that the same level of craftsmanship that takes place creating our bags went into the fit-out of store,” Briskin-Rettig says. “Elements of the fit-out reflect our two Melbourne stores as well as the nature of our workshop, we wanted the marriage of materials between the brand and its environment to be consistent.”

Shop 19, Ground Floor, The Strand Arcade
412–414 George Street, Sydney

(02) 9231 0299

Mon to Wed 9am–5.30pm
Thu 9am–8pm
Fri 9am–5.30pm
Sat 9am–5.30pm
Sunday 11am–4pm