Acne Studios’s signature is distinct minimalism. For more than 20 years the Swedish label – founded by creative lead Jonny Johansson in 1996 – has cultivated its status of creating designs that are both innovative and timeless, and their new CBD store is no exception.

With a flagship in Paddington, Acne’s second store looks entirely different.

“I find our Sydney customer informed and curious, a lot like us here in Stockholm,” says executive chairman and co-owner Mikael Schiller tells Broadsheet.

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Clever lighting, stainless steel and premium materials loom large – a signature trope of Acne’s stores worldwide. Long, low-set windows are designed to soften sunlight and showcase the interior lighting installation – dubbed the “mushroom” by the company’s internal design team. Drenched in pastel, acid-yellow and framed by curved, stainless-steel walls, 700 futuristic fungus-shaped fixtures sprout from the lowered ceiling to create a sense of atmosphere and guide shoppers through the collection.

King Street will stock the label’s latest releases with some additional seasonal items thrown in. Shoppers will find the label’s current experiments with nostalgic textures and patterns, thick double pleats, exaggerated collars and lapels, and elegant juxtapositions of pastels with neutral autumnal tones on the shelves.

“We have always defined our path as we go along. Our ambition is not to take up a specific space but to continue to strive to evolve and constantly move forward. We are always working on redefining and pushing our product offering,” says Schiller.

Blå Konst – Acne’s highly anticipated denim offering – will be available alongside its first accessory line. “We have now also launched bags, eyewear and small leather goods,” says Schiller. “Some of our new sneakers are amazing.”

What’s next after opening stores in Beijing, Hong Kong and Milan? “We’ll probably slow down a bit…” he says.

But in terms of the brand’s rate of growth, turning over around 200 million Euros this year alone, it definitely won’t be moving at a glacial pace.

Acne Studios
161 King Street, Sydney
(03) 9232 2882

Mon, Wed, Fri 10am–7pm

Thu 10am–9pm
Sat & Sun 10am–7pm