Yellow Presents Palisa Anderson

Wed 7th September, 2022
57 Macleay Street Potts Point 2011
Price: $140
The plant-based fine diner continues its guest chef series with the Thai restaurateur-turned-farmer behind Boon Luck Farm – and the menu will feature some of its topnotch produce.

In the lush hinterland west of Byron Bay, you’ll find Asian produce that’s hardly grown anywhere else in Australia: think peanut butter fruit, jujubes, miracle fruit and much more. This is what Palisa Anderson and her husband Matt grow at Boon Luck Farm, which supplies local restaurants, top eateries in the big cities, and Sydney’s Chat Thai restaurants, established in 1989 by her mum Amy Chanta.

Now, Anderson is bringing her unique produce and intimate knowledge of Thai flavours to Yellow. She and Brent Savage have designed a menu that makes the fruits and vegetables sing – including seasonal crudité with galangal nam prik relish; macerated wombok with tamarind tendrils and smoked chilli broth; coal-roasted sugar loaf cabbage; red rice koji tofu with kohlrabi and Davidson’s plum wine; and a dessert of Atherton raspberry, keriberry, Chinese bayberry and jackfruit sorbet.

Bookings cost $140 per person inclusive of the whole menu, with drinks available to order.