This is a Voice at Sydney Science Festival

Fri 11th August, 2017 – Sun 20th August, 2017
Powerhouse Museum
500 Harris Street, Ultimo NSW 2007
Price: $15
Explore the human voice and its social, geographical and psychological effects.

This year's Sydney Science Festival will take visitors on an auditory journey inside the fascinating nature of the human voice with its newest exhibition, This is a Voice. The event involves technology, science, theatre, video and sound, with live performances and demonstrations exploring how the voice can define the human experience.

Last year's festival attracted more than 60,000 people with as many expected to return this year.

There will be visual and audio simulations across a variety of pieces from artists such as Lille Madden, Jonathan Jones and Australian-Aboriginal artist Yukultji Napangati. Composer and artist Lawrence English will display how non-verbal communication can affect our identity.

Understand how infants acquire sounds and grammar in a series of interactive demonstrations and games or learn how to make jewellery out of your voice patter.


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