Vivid: Dark Spectrum at Wynyard Tunnels

Fri 24th May, 2024 – Sat 15th June, 2024
Wynyard Station
1001 York Street, Sydney
Price: From $46
Unused underground tunnels are being reopened to the public again – enter for a 900-square-metre show of light and colour displayed across eight rooms.

Sydney’s home to plenty of disused and abandoned buildings, some of which have been given new leases on life in recent times. Notably, White Bay Power Station, the former Chinatown Monorail Station and the old Harbour City Twin Cinema.

In 2023 Vivid also activated the underground tunnels connected to Wynyard Station with a cornucopia of light, sound and colour – aka the world premiere of Dark Spectrum. Three years in the making, it used state-of-the-art lasers, robotics, lights and visual tech to re-create different human emotions and experiences across eight rooms.

Now it’s back with all-new visuals and sounds, as Dark Spectrum: A New Journey. Explore eight revamped spaces along the one kilometre trail each, with a distinct monochromatic colour theme. There’s Throwback, a deep dive into the history of the tunnels; Misdirection, a tricky maze of 700 illuminated arrows; Revel, a visual feast of 300 moving lasers and 100 strobes; and Search, comprised of 250 hanging light columns to be navigated through. Each room has a particular electronic soundtrack to match, drawing on dark, atmospheric dance tracks and well-known club hits from the past 30 years.

Dark Spectrum: A New Journey includes strobe lighting, flashing, flickering and patterned lighting effects, smoke and haze effects and high-volume soundtracks. It follows a one-way trail through underground tunnels with limited exits while inside.