Verge Gallery in January

Thu 14th January, 2016 – Sat 30th January, 2016
Verge Gallery
Jane Foss Russell Plaza, City Road, Darlington.
Price: FREE
Free exhibits from Hamish & Rose and Alma Studholme.

Verge Gallery is displaying two exhibitions by Sydney artists this January.

Displayed in Gallery One is White, a project by Hamish & Rose, itself a collaboration between Sydney artists Adrian Clement and Hayley Rose Hill. Echoing graphic designer Kenya Hara's 2010 publication White, this multimedia exhibit explores colour as a multi-sensory experience of emptiness and silence.

Exhibited in Gallery Two is Accreation II: Ontological Transmutations. A collaboration between Alma Studholme and Youngdong Kim, Accreation uncovers the artfulness in broken thoughts or ideas. Taking a broken sculpture from Alma's previous Verge exhibit, the scattered pieces will accompany the recorded brainwaves of Studholme while she meditated, which falter as she loses concentration.

Verge Gallery is open Tuesday to Friday 10am–5pm, and Saturday 11am–4pm.