Unaffordable Housing Kayak Tour

Sat 16th November, 2019
81 Parriwi Road, Smith's Boat Shed / Spit Bridge
Price: $89
You might not be able to afford a house, but you can probably afford this kayak tour to look at all the homes you'll never live in.

Join architect Tim Williams and Sydney Harbour Kayaks on a 90-minute tour of some of Sydney's most beautiful – and prestigious – harbourside suburbs. Start at the Spit in Mosman and tour the shores of Clontarf, Beauty Point, North Balgowlah, Castlecrag and Balgowlah Heights.

Along the way Williams will reflect on the Indigenous history of the waterway and discuss housing affordability issues and how the planning of the Sydney basin must be reassessed.

The tour is part of Sydney Architecture Festival, which this year asks: what needs to change to make it affordable to have a home in Sydney?

From 11am to 1pm.

More information here.