Tracey Moffatt: Body Remembers

Sat 15th June, 2019 – Sun 25th August, 2019
Mosman Art Gallery
1 Art Gallery Way, Mosman
It's the first time the renowned contemporary artist's 57th Venice Biennale works are being shown in NSW.

If you don’t know who Tracey Moffatt is, keep reading. Renowned as one of the country’s most successful contemporary artists, she became the first solo Indigenous artist to represent Australia in the Art Biennale (previously called the Venice Biennale) in 2017.

For the first time since, her ochre-hued photographic series Body Remembers (a clever allusion to domestic servitude and the legacy of colonisation) and video work Vigil will be exhibited in Sydney at Mosman Art Gallery.

Both are part of Moffatt's ongoing poetic investigations of self and identity. In Body Remembers, the artist is the primary protagonist, depicted as a maid from a bygone era, seemingly stranded on an remote colonial property.

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